Difference Between Call Girls and Escorts

Call Girls

A call girl is a female prostitute whose clients arrange meetings with her over the phone. Call girls typically charge higher rates than street prostitutes and have a lot of say over which clients they accept. A call girl will usually meet with a client in her home, his home, or a hotel room; meetings are usually scheduled in advance, usually over the phone—hence the term call girl. Sessions may be brief, with the sole purpose of bringing the client to orgasm, or much more protracted, involving conversation, cuddling, leisurely lovemaking, extended role-playing scenes, or even a traditional dinner date, depending on the client’s wishes and needs.

Myth about Call girls and Escorts

Though the terms “call girl” and “escort” are frequently been using interchangeably, there are important distinctions between the two. Clients find escorts through publicly accessible means, such as arranging a meeting through an escort service or discovering escorts advertised in magazines and newspapers. Clients are usually accepted only through referral; clients may be referred by a madam (a woman who runs a prostitution house), other call girls, or other clients. This referral system protects call girls from the risk of soliciting an undercover cop while also ensuring discreet clients, allowing them to remain virtually invisible to the general public.

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