Supporting your Partner with Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be difficult — your thoughts may race, you may dread tasks that others find simple (such as driving to work), and your worries may feel unavoidable. However, loving someone who suffers from anxiety can be difficult as well. You may feel helpless or overwhelmed by how your partner’s emotions affect your daily life.

Social anxiety is also very common, and many people use alcohol or recreational drugs to alleviate their symptoms. This can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings in relationships. It is easy to assume that your partner is simply shy, closed off, or awkward; that they have a drinking problem, or that they are socially rude. It is critical to identify the underlying cause, as these symptoms could point to anxiety management instead. Get help with Escorts in Nashik also

If your partner is suffering from anxiety and you’re not sure how to help them, try these suggestions:

  • Never (ever) tell them to “chill out,” “calm down,” or “don’t worry about it.” Although the intention is to be supportive, it comes across as insensitive and dismissive to the partner who is struggling to calm their nervous system and distracting thoughts. Although it may appear counterintuitive, try validating their anxiety instead. Validating their anxiety can help them put a name to their feelings and make them feel understood. “You appear to be anxious… It’s ok. “I’ve arrived.”
  • Will you be late? Call or text them right away so they don’t picture you mangled in a ditch. Do you have a large bill to pay or a medical test coming up? Don’t try to hide it; instead, talk about it. Treating your partner as if they are a fragile child, even if you don’t want to worry them, creates an odd dynamic in a relationship. Furthermore, anxious people are very perceptive and will notice something is wrong. Allow your sweetum boo-boo-pie to know what is going on, or their mind will likely go into overdrive and assume something far worse is going on.
  • Remind them to breathe during an anxiety attack. Deep and long inhales/exhales are extremely beneficial in calming their nervous system and distracting their mind from their ongoing panic. We have Igatpuri call girls also.
  • If your partner has a specific diagnosis, learn about it. Researching what anxiety is can help you understand the symptoms from a more objective standpoint.
  • It could be balloons, dancing, party hats, or Jaeger bombs at the club for some. Others, an Instagram photo with their toes in the sand or a drawing of Deepak Chopra in latte foam. For an anxious person, it could be a day without a panic attack or having to take Tums. It could be as simple as getting dressed and walking around the block. Calm is an underappreciated emotion, but it is just as valid as joy.
  • Give your partner some grace and try to be compassionate at all times. It may be difficult to relate to and understand anxiety on a personal (or rational) level, but the more compassion you can express, the more at ease your partner will feel.
  • When your partner is not feeling anxious, try to understand how they feel anxious. Inquire, for example, “How does it feel in your body?” “What do you think about when you’re anxious?” or “Do you know what sets it off for you?”

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