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What impresses a girl

Nothing impresses me more than a guy who is his own person.

By this I mean,

He has his own objectives, interests, and desires.

He isn’t continually accessible – in light of the fact that he has his own arrangements.

He can bear upping for himself.

He knows what he different preferences.

He tracks down satisfaction in life outside connections.

He has values and ethics and sticks to them.

He isn’t effortlessly influenced or attracted by others.

He clarifies some pressing issues and can think fundamentally.

He has his own perspectives, however doesn’t have to yell about them.

He is liberal and picks up, developing and advancing.

He is authentic, forthright and legit.

He conveys his necessities and wants.

He is mindful and knows his blemishes and shortcomings.

He is sure and secure in himself.

This is how you can impress a girl

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