Why Humans Kiss in the First Place

Understand why humans kiss in the first place.

People kiss to express feelings of closeness and desire, as well as to increase or intensify any arousal they may be experiencing. “Kissing stimulates the pleasure regions of the brain, causing it to release a cocktail of hormones that leave you feeling oh-so-fantastic,” explains clinical psychologist Judy Rosenberg, Ph.D. “Oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are pleasurable molecules that promote feelings of affection and bonding.” Try kissing with our Nashik Escort service also.

Kissing has numerous benefits, including helping to reduce stress and possibly supporting your immune system, according to Texas-based clinical psychologist Ana Ortiz-Lugo, PsyD., HSP. Kissing is also important in relationships because it can help heal tensions and promote closeness. It is also frequently an important part of a couple’s sex life and a way to demonstrate intimacy outside of the bedroom. While relationships can often go for long periods of time without sex without the intimacy between two people being lost, Rosenberg believes that kissing is essential for keeping the spark alive.

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