Is it normal have sex with your best friend ?

While it is normal to have sex with your best friends – many of the couples I know began as best friends – you are extremely unlikely to remain friends once you have crossed that line!

Having sex alters the dynamics of a friendship, and it is difficult to return to being just friends with someone after being physically intimate with them. Given that best friends end up spending a lot of time talking to each other and in each other’s company, having sex is unlikely to be a one-time occurrence.

It is perfectly acceptable to have sex with your best friend. Yes, it is normal as long as it is consensual and both of you are completely comfortable with it.
It can actually be much more comfortable and trusting with your best friend because the two of you already have a level of comfort and trust.

However, it is critical to clarify your intentions with one another. If they are not the same, it will only lead to heartbreak and the loss of a friend.
Sex can alter the nature of a two-person relationship. It is no longer just emotional intimacy, but also physical intimacy. While it is not required to alter the nature of your relationship. Most of the time, it does.

Just be cautious and open with one another, in my opinion. It’s critical to consider all of your options, and this is no exception.
You are the only person who has the authority to determine what is right and wrong for you. So go ahead and do what’s best for you!

It’s not just okay in my opinion; it’s the most comfortable thing. You can have sex with your friends without any additional burdens such as commitment, safety, privacy, and so on… You can simply enjoy the performance.

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